It Was All Right, It Is All Right, It’ll Be All Right

2018, installation for "The Ratcatcher" exhibition, Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Poland

In cooperation with Kasper Lecnim.

Nowadays, the uncertainty of what can happen forces people to always be alert. There are many potential reasons for a catastrophe, or even an apocalypse: an armed conflict, a cyberattack, a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, an economic or political crisis. The ever-present spectre of the looming collapse of civilisation is what characterises the movement of the preppers. They are people who are aware of the threats and, in order to survive, try to prepare for all possibilities. It is worth bearing in mind that problems can be posed not only by global issues, but also by small apocalypses, which are far more likely. This state of uncertainty and the resulting need to be prepared are accentuated by Irmina Rusicka and Kasper Lecnim. Their backpack contains all the items necessary to survive for 137 days, which is exactly how long the exhibition will last. The fact that the museum is situated in an air-raid shelter is significant. The one-meter-thick walls made from reinforced concrete and 1.5-meter ceiling ensure safety. Guided by the motto “It was all right, it is all right, it’ll be all right”, the artists are getting ready for the worst case scenario. However, the bitter irony is permeated with hope – a belief that a life-changing event may be coming.

Curator: Piotr Lisowski