1000 PLN

2015, installation — "Forbidden Acts" SURVIVAL 13, Wrocław, Poland

In cooperation with Kasper Lecnim.

A pile of banknotes worth 1000* in Polish currency on a table, a security guard next to it and in the background the visitors who experienced this financial installation so meticulously that after 4 days only a plate with the project’s description was a testimony to the fact that the money had once been there. This is our reply to forbidden acts – the theme of the 13th Survival Festival taking place in the former Riot Police Barracks in Wrocław.

It is worth noting that the visitors, apart from obviously stealing the banknotes, checked their authenticity, photographed them (also in the selfie version, holding them next to their faces) and doggedly counted them. Some threw in their own; others callously asked if it was there that they gave money away. Most smiled when they saw the money. The most courageous woman scattered the banknotes all over the room.

*1000 PLN was approximately 254$ or 233€